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Angel Card Readings

I have always been aware of my intuition and psychic abilities but have only recently decided to develop them in an official way. I love reading angel/oracle cards, and have done so for many years for myself, but now I enjoy being able to offer advice and guidance through this gentle medium to others.

I became a Certified Angel Card Reader with Doreen Virtue in early 2016 and I have been reading for clients ever since.

Angel card readings are a wonderful way to ask a question and seek clarity & guidance from the angels. I find that I am guided to know when the cards are ready and always pay attention to how they shuffle in my hands. One card leaping out of the deck means you need to take particular note of it!

I give face to face readings and can also offer a package that includes Reiki and a reading, to support you through any emotional/physical issues that may tie in with your psychic reading. I find this works particularly well during your first session.
I also offer readings via email or Messenger and promise a 24-hour turnaround, including a photo of the cards that have been drawn. 

Prices start from $19 for a one card reading. Simply choose your reading, book online and I will be in contact with you. If you are unsure of which deck to choose from or how to word your question, I’m always happy to assist.