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Distance Reiki - how do I do that?

Narelle Adams

Distance Reiki is a perfect solution if you unable to meet with me in person. Reiki energy can be sent to you wherever you are in the world; you just have to be open to receiving it. Pretty cool huh?

A Distance Reiki session will balance you, offering deep relaxation and harmony. Distance Reiki can be very comforting to receive during stressful situations, times of overwhelm or anxiousness, or to help you feel grounded and reconnected within yourself again.

Physically, Distance Reiki may ease pain, reduce side effects, and support any medical treatments, and is well known for the comfort and peace it brings to the terminally ill.

Distance Reiki can help you combat any number of addictions. As Reiki reduces anxiety, it enables positive choices of action. It can also be a complementary treatment for depression.

When you book a distance healing session, just tell me the name, location, and time zone of the recipient and what you would like me to focus on in the healing. I will let you know what day(s) and time(s) I will be sending the Reiki.

There is nothing special that you need to do to receive the energy. You can choose to sit quietly, to meditate, or to go about your daily life. The Reiki will reach you no matter what! And you can feel free to email me any feedback or questions. I do encourage you though to make the time to be in a quiet, uninterrupted place and enjoy the benefits fully. Take some cleansing breaths to relax, close your eyes and set your intention to receive healing. I will then follow up with you after your session.

How easy is that! You can book a Distance Reiki Healing session either on its own or with an angel card reading as well.

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